Frogatto 1.1.1

2D platform fun with frogs


  • Cool retro graphics
  • Lots of different levels and enemies
  • Plot driven storyline
  • End of level bosses


  • Pumping soundtrack soon gets boring
  • Level editor limited


If you're a sucker for old-school 2D platform games and love anything frog themed, then Frogatto may be right up your street.

Frogatto is a 2D platform game where you take control of a frog which has to work through a plot driven storyline to reach his goal without getting eaten or blasted first. Frogatto features some real retro pixel art graphics but has a surprisingly pumping soundtrack and slick gameplay. Think Donkey Kong but with frogs and you're in the right ballpark.

You can kill enemies with your tongue by swallowing them and even spitting them out at other enemies for good measure. As you fight the end level bosses, you gradually collect coins and can use them to buy upgrades and new abilities. One of the most fun parts of the game is where you talk to different characters to unravel the plot against the townsfolk that you ultimately have to foil. There are around 30 levels to Frogatto and if that's not enough, you can even create your own with a level editor.

Frogatto has everything to keep retro platform gaming fans absorbed for more than just a few levels.

Fixed a few crashes Added an Italian translation (thanks translators!)


  • Fixed a few crashes Added an Italian translation (thanks translators!)


Frogatto 1.1.1

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  • by Anonymous

    not to best yet..
    I just downloaded Frogatto under the assumption that it was a nice game to play with chrildren...   More